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Forget About Guesswork!
Use Color Analysis To Build The Foundation For Your Perfect Look

Personal Color Analysis is the science of discovering what looks good on you.

Let’s Discover Your Color Palette

Wearing your true colorsWhether you’re trying to impress at the next big dinner party, you’re preparing for a career-defining interview or meeting, or you simply want to look amazing around the house, the right colors are essential to making your look perfect.

Once you discover the colors that are suited to your skin complexion, eyes, and hair color, you can emphasize all of your most attractive features by using the right clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Bring Out Your Beauty

With the wrong colors, you risk:

  • Accentuating your imperfections.
  • Highlighting shadows and wrinkles.
  • Making your skin tone too pale, too red, or uneven in general.

Your Most Flattering Colors
Color analysis avoids all of this by helping you discover your most flattering colors.

The results? Smooth, polished skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated.


And perfect beauty isn’t the only benefit of color analysis:

  • Spend less time trying to figure out what to wear.
  • Make the search for new clothes easier and more fun.
  • Forget about buyer’s remorse and save money by always getting the right outfit.

Ready to discover your “season”? Then click over to the “4 Season Color Analysis” page or the “12 Season Color Analysis” page for a more detailed analysis of your color palette. It’s quick, easy, and will revolutionize your look.

Need a bit of help, or just want a second opinion? Then get Personal Color Advice from an expert.

Once you know your “season”, it’s time for the real fun to begin: trying out your new look, optimizing your wardrobe to suit your palette, and – of course – shopping for your next great outfit.

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