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I have always been fascinated by colors. As a child my favorite thing to do was drawing and I was pretty good at it. New crayons or color pencils were my favorite presents at that time. I loved the big boxes with all those different colors. A new box filled with color pencils was like creating new opportunities for me to experiment more with color and color combinations.

During my teenage years I kept feeding my fascination for colors through clothing. I was intrigued by how certain clothes, styles and especially colors can change people’s image. I have never been a pioneer in wearing the latest fashion but I loved watching other people doing it. To me wearing the latest fashion doesn’t mean that you look good. It means that you are “in style” but does this new style or color suit you? Before buying a new piece of clothing, my first question always is: “Will this color enhance my best features?”.

For most of my professional career I was a buyer at a telecom business- but color was and still is my passion. My intuition always helped me a lot but “understanding color psychology” is even more effective. Over the past 10 years I have done a lot of research around the subject of “color” and I attended different “color advice” workshops. When I turned 40, I decided to become a formally trained personal color analyst and I completed my training in Antwerp (fashion city in Belgium). Since my certification it has been my mission to help other women finding their “true colors”.

Many people (amateurs, color/image consultants, color analysts, make-up artists, …) write about color analysis but most of them just give you snapshots or even false information. Through my thorough research and training I am confident that the information provided here is clear, accurate and resourceful. This site will help you find your color pallet and you will learn how powerful and exciting the use of colors can be. Enjoy the read and have fun conducting your own color analysis and in case of doubt, I am here to help you find your color season.

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Enjoy the rest of this colorful day,

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